About Me

I am Anthony Awuley, from Ghana in West Africa. My research area is in computational Intelligence using Evolutionary Comutation strategies such as Genetic Programming, Genetic Algorithms Ant Colony Optimization, Simulated Annealing, Particle Swarm Optimization and Parallel Algorithms .


I hold an MSc in Computer Science from Brock University (Ontario,CA) with a specialization in Computational Intelligence using Evolutionary Computation strategies such as Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms, and Parallel Programming.

I have developed a number of machine leaarning systems that have provided better or very competitive results to statistical methods. Thus I have provided a further prove of how intelligent systems are able to use principles of evolution to discover good solutions in a large search spaces. Download my computational intelligence source codes from aawuley.github.io/alps-ec/ and aawuley.github.io/evolutionary-computation/

I have first class BSc. Engineering in Computer Engineering from University of Ghana. I concenterated in areas such as Digitial Signal Processing, Communication and Controls, Embedded Systems and Software Engineering.

Research Interest

My research interest is in computational intelligence, evolutionary computation, Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms. I have developed multiple systems in computational inteligence and studied a number of NP complete problems in areas such as computer vision, feature selection, machine learning, Classification, TSP, VRP, VRPTW, CVRP etc.

I have developed a tremondous interest in computational intelligence, big data, machine learning and data mining. My next steps is to pursue an industrial interest in related fields.

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