Feature Selection ALPS

Feature selection is the process of refining input data by removing irrelevant and/or redundant features. Feature selection deals with selection of a subset of relevant features (variables) from an input data. Feature selection does not produce new features – all selected features are subsets of the original feature vector.

Genetic Algorithms Problems

In my spare time, i enjoy working on some NP complete problems. The latest ones include(but not limited to) feature selection, computer vision, classification, TSP, VRP, VRPTW, CVRP etc. I use sub-optimal population-based stochastic algorithms (e.g. Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithms) in most of my works.

Comparing GA & ACO on TSP

Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization was tested on a TSP. According to the results, ACO outperformed GA on the TSP problem.

Evolutionary Algorithms

I am the community owner and administrator of the "Evolutionary Algorithms" group on g+

Genetic Programming

I am the community owner and administrator of the "Genetic Programming" group on g+

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