Research Interests

I have a huge interest in the use of machine learning and computational intelligence to solve challenging real world problems. I developed and investigated computational inteligence systems in Genetic Programming, Genetic Algorithms, Age Layered Population Structure, ACO, Tabu Search, Simulated Annealing etc, and applied them to the study of NP complete problems in areas such as computer vision, feature selection, machine learning, Pattern recognition, Classification, TSP, VRP, VRPTW and CVRP.

I have developed a number of machine leaarning systems that have provided better or very competitive results to statistical methods. Download some of my computational intelligence source codes from and

I am looking for an opportunity to investigate real-world computational intelligence problems. Areas of interest include Data Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data, Databases, Distributed systems and Computer Vision

Professional Skills

Research Experience

  1. Brock University - M.Sc. Computer Science thesis

    Feature Selection and Classification Using Age Layered Population Structure Genetic Programming see Electronic Thesis or Dissertation

    Supervisor: Dr. Brian Ross

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    Posted October 21st 2015, at 01:48
  2. University of Ghana - BSc. Computer Engineering thesis


    Supervisor: Dr. Godfrey Mills

    Posted May 05th 2009, at 10:00

Professional Experience

  1. BHS Consultants: Web Developer

    Implementing various computational developments and optimizations in addition to supporting development teams for BHS Consultants and its clients.

    Development environment includes: MySQL, PHP Frameworks, CSS, CMS, Software Version Control Systems, DBMS, JavaScript and AJAX-based libraries (e.g. jQuery), MVC

    Apr 2016-Present
  2. Brock University Research Assistant: Web Application Developer

    Developing educational web applications (PHP, AJAX, JavaScript)

    Developing automatic theorem prover (C)

    Aug 2015-Present
  3. Brock University: Graduate Teaching Assistant

    See (Teaching Experience)

  4. Computer Programmer: Niagara College -Research Innovation Division

    Developed and maintain Agriculture & Environment Precision Agriculture Web Portal (C++, PHP)

    Troubleshoot code and issues with developed tools and tools under development

  5. Assistant Manager Engineer - IN, Core, VAS Performance: Airtel Ghana Ltd

    Over see operations and planning in Intelligent Networks, Core Network, Value Added Service Departments

  6. COO and CO Director - Globe Software Ghana Ltd

    Developing and Managing projects in Web based Hospital and School Management Systems

  7. Core Network Engineer - Team Lead: Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd

    Operation and maintenance of Network Switching Subsystem

    Expertise in SS7 & SIGTRAN configuration & Management

    Performance Technologies SEGway STP Operations & Maintenance

    Alcatel Lucent 5020 Wireless Call Server, 7570/7549 Media Gateway, 1430 ngHLR and 8650 SDM

    Mobile Number Portability Implementation

  8. Teaching Assistant - University of Ghana

    (Teaching Experience)


Teaching Experience

  1. Graduate Teaching Assitant: Brock University

    Data Structures and Abstraction (Winter 2016)

    Applied Programming (Winter 2016)

    Introduction to Operating Systems (Spring, 2015)

    Fluency with Technology (Fall, 2015)

    Evolutionary Computation (Fall, 2015)

    Computer Architecture (Fall, 2015)

    Introduction to Computer Networking (Fall, 2015)

    Introduction to Operating Systems (Fall, 2015)

    Introduction to Computer Science (Fall, 2014)

    Procedural Programming (Winter, 2014)

    Computer Architecture (Winter, 2014)

    Introduction to Computer Science (Fall, 2013)

    Winter 2013 - Present
  2. Teaching Assistant: University of Ghana

    Communication and Controls

    Digital Signal Processing

    Microprocessor System Integration

    Digital Controls

    Embedded Systems


Awards and Honors

  1. Brock University

    Graduate Fellowships at Brock University

  2. Brock University

    International Fellowships at Brock University

  3. Brock University

    Research and UHIP Fellowships at Brock University

  4. University of Ghana

    5 times awardee of Deans Honor List